Friday, March 5, 2010

My Artists Reception

I had my artists reception yesterday in the gallery in my local public library. This is a photo of Jordana, my daughter, and myself at the exhibit. She is the food goddess because I could have never pulled off the wonderful food she created. It's not just the food but the platters and display (art of food!!) that makes it. Jordana used pieces from my fabric collection, in my favorite color pink, to decorate the table. She even add hints of pink and red in the food!! I had a variety of people from my local quilt guild, my co-workers at Pine St. Quilts, Pizazz Salon customers, even a couple from my church! It was nice to have people see my work that I have never met. It was fun, I loved chatting with everyone and Cheryl Hoffman from Spies Library was amazing in her hospitality!!

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  1. Hi Laurie,
    Congrats on your show, sounds like the reception was wonderful. Must have been great to share with your daughter, family and friends. I'm anxious to see it, hopefully this coming weekend. I really like the piece in the picture behind you. I haven't seen that one yet.