Monday, June 21, 2010

My bike Has Been Overhauled!!

My bike is a used 20 year old Schwinn that was a sad looking lavender before. It is very nice free bike from a friend of my boyfriend Ken. He decided to take the thing apart and spray paint it pink my favorite color! He is a perfectionist and he thoroughly cleaned every part of the bike-it now has white walls and no rust or crud of the wheels, spokes or anywhere. He was way more meticulous than I would ever have been. He admits to having trouble putting it back together but he did it and made some flashy "PeeWee Herman" handlebar streamers and he bought a pink and purple horn which sounds like a dog squeekie toy!! Ken and I enjoy bike riding alot when the weather cooperates and now I can look fashionable in my "signature colored" pink bike!!!


  1. It's so cool! You totally have to get a basket with flowers on it!!!!

  2. What fun! Love the girlie isn't...although I think you should paint one of your ladies faces you quilt on a fender or two! Then it's for sure a "laurie" bike!

  3. Very pretty, you are such a lucky girl. Looks like a padded seat too! Nice! Does it make you feel 10 years old again? (in a good way)