Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jordana's FRIDA Quilt

Jordana liked the wall hanging I made for the upcoming Michigan Quilt Art Invitational of Frida Kahlo. She just moved across town in Green Bay and is redecoratingand she asked if I would make her a similar quilt in different colors. I have used mostly batiks and the "Frida" name stayed the same. I stitched on black silk leaves and flowers and have buttons in the center of each flower. There is some fabric paint to give Frida brown eyes and an actual earring pierced through the fabric to resemble Frida's big earrings. I will see Jordana tomorrow and give it to her.


  1. What good timing you have, I think I saw on Google yesterday it was Frida Kahlo's birthday! My son, Tim Brunn did a sculpture of Frida, I'll have to take pictures and post them or just get his blog going, like I promised him.