Tuesday, November 15, 2011

South of the Border Exhibit at Spies Library

Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational 2010 themed "South of the Border" is on display at Spies Public Library Gallery, Menominee MI currently until Friday December 30, 2011 during library hours. This is a group of art quilters from both Upper and Lower Michigan that create a 20" x 24" themed wall hanging of their choice and the exhibit travels throughout the state and is free of charge to view.This years theme is "South of the Border" and of the 30 quilts displayed I am teasing you with 7 of the beautiful quilts. The warm tropical flavor of the exhibit is just in time for the midwest cold weather approaching!! Check it out if you are able. As a quilter I am amazed by the wonderful techniques especially the outer edges and bindings or lack of a binding!!This blue and white quilt has such awesome contrast
 and the tile wall looks so real!!
 What can I say-this quilt has all the colors of Mexico and South America!!
 This piece got my attention because it wasn't bright and it created a calmness in me when I viewed it!!
 This quilt has my favorite-circles in it and I love the fabric fringy lower edge!! What a great idea!!
 This chihauhau quilt is called "Border Patrol" and has me laughing since I love the movie "Beverly Hills Chihauhau" and thought of the talking chihauhaus!!
 This blue and orange wall hanging is by my blog friend Robbie Payne and needs to be seen up close since her detail work is mind blowing. You rock Robbie!!
This piece has lots of chenille which gives oodles of texture and very colorful!!

I hope you are teased and tempted and have the chance to see this colorful, happy and creative art quilt exhibit!!

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  1. Well, golly..what nice comments, Laurie! Yes, the SOTB exhibit is very cool!! So many different techniques and ideas for the theme! Wait until you see the 2012 Art of the Kitchen next year! The exhibit is definitely one for folks to see!