Thursday, March 22, 2012

Joann Fabrics "Quilt Your Colors" Quilt Contest 2011

I entered the Joann Fabrics "Quilt Your Colors" Quilt Contest last year and made the cut of 22 finalists and I mailed my piece to the Joann Fabrics headquearters for judging. Unfortunately it did not make the top 10 where all the prizes/money were. I was bummed and said I wouldn't enter the next year. The size requirement was a minimum 36" x 36" which I thought my quilt measured. It actually shrunk in the quilting process and was not the minimum size and maybe that's why it didn't make it any farther than it did. So after 6 months of thinking about it I decided to give it another try for the 2011 contest and go bigger with my entry. This is my quilt named "Sapphire and Topaz" and is 51" x 42." I wanted to explore the color combination of blues and oranges. This was a challenge using Joann Fabrics fabric because they did not have a lot of prints with both colors together in the fabric. I went to three Joann stores-Madison WI, Green bay WI and Escanaba MI, and finally was satisfied with my collection of fabrics for the project. I have a secondary theme of circles in the quilt-circle print fabric, circle appliques, circle echo quilting in the background and circle shaped felt buttons and sequins. I found a fun blue and orange metallic knit in the Hallowee section which fit nicely for part of the hair. I kept the face quite simple because the hair was the emphasis. There are also beads and buttons sewn to the quilt and a bit of fabric paint.

I received a phone call last week to let me know of 900 quilts mine made the cut of 22 which now are shipped to their headquarters for judging!! That made my day!! I sent my quilt to Ohio on Monday and the judging starts after April 1st and by the second half of April we find out who the winners are. The top 3 quilts are photographed and are featured on-line on Joann's website and in an upcoming sale flyer. So it's a waiting game now but I love this quilt-the oranges make me smile!!


  1. Hi, I am a retired hairdresser and a quilter too. I also do art quilts and make fiber postcards. My art quilts are mostly landscapes. I found a sample of your work on pinterest. I was lucky that someone just told me to hold my finger on your pic and the artist info would show up. After looking at your work I just couldn't leave without leaving a comment....YOUR WORK IS FABULOUS. I hope that some day I can see it up close. Would love to see your free motion work. Good luck on the joanne competition!

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous Laurie! All your quilts are show stealers! Best of luck with the entry in the JoAnn contest. I think you have a winner there!

  3. GOOD LUCK!!! I HOPE YOU WIN !!! I entered, also, but no call... Please come see my blog, TOO As I am an ART QUILTER, TOO. TURBO QUILTER (leona harden)