Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bella Rosa

I was making the last quilt I posted about and was having such a great time and I decided to make one in pinks with dark brown fused applique. Very similar but with a brown iris of the eye. I have glitter on the eyelid, glitter nail polish on the lips, rhinestones in the background and beads on the binding. The beads I chose didn't look right on the outer edge so I stitched them to the front edge. I did the same facial applique of the flower, sun and ying/yang and it shows up better on this quilt. I am making items for the Appleton WI Art Around The Park on Sunday July 29th in which I am vending. Appleton is my hometown and I know plenty of people in hopes of them coming to the art show to see my work. I'm going to put this pattern to rest for the time being.

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  1. Bella Rosa,

    Beautiful!...Keep Going Laurie! I can not wait to see other accomplishment coming your way! This is so pretty.