Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fabric Postcard Becomes a Birthday Card

I have not been in my studio much because it is summer and my garden is calling me and I am doing an art fair in my hometown on July 29th and prepping for that. But at my July quilt guild meeting a member asked if I would make two of my fabric postcards for her friend (and my neighbor) who will be 95 yrs. old in August. Now that's a landmark!!This woman is a petite little spitfire-always happy, an art appreciator and she wears her white hair in a bob with the trademark black headband!! She has suppored the local art community and I enoy visiting with her when I see her. My quilt guild friend wanted 1 card for the birthday girl and one to keep for herself.

I designed this pattern in '08 when I signed up for a fabric postcard swap and drew up a bob cut with a headband to make this postcard. I finished the fusing and realized the two images were slightly different-one was more centered and they have different foreheads-kind of like family members with similar DNA but different. I do not like one better that the other. I added a bit of fabric paint, fabric makers and silver/irredescent nail polish in the hair to enhance the image. They were fun to do but not enough to make vast amount for an art show!!

My studio is in dire need of cleaning and organization because I can not find my color wheel!! Later...

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