Wednesday, August 8, 2012

UW Platteville Sewing and Quilting Expo

I had the blessing of teaching at the UW Platteville Sewing and Quilting Expo on August 3-4 on the university campus. I taught "Color is Our Friend," "Elements and Principles of Design for Quilter" and "Embellishing 101." The organizer of the expo is Tisha Sandberg (she is the woman on the left on the second photo) and she is beyond fun, artsy and pulled off a great expo while having the responsiblities placed on her half way through the process. I  selected two quilts that I could spare from my teaching demos and picked my "Woman With Red Lipstick" quilt and was thrilled to see it on the gallery poster!!
This photo is Tisha and the woman who painted  quilt blocks on wood. There was a gallery reception on Thursday evening August 2nd and I was able to meet the artists/presenters at the expo. It  was a very nice time and beautiful quilts!
This was my other quilt in the exhibit called "Hera and Aphrodite"
I was able to visit the local quilt shop called Hidden Quilts and they have shop colors-lime green and orange which pleased me since color is my thing and lime green is one of my favs!! The owner had a very unusal coiffed hairstyle which was eyecatching and unique. She knew to carve a niche and customers will remember you!

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