Sunday, March 24, 2013

What did We Learn From Pinterest Today?

I am taking a break from quilting and I saw this cute plastic Easter egg wreath on Pinterest. All items are from the dollar store.

     4 bags of plastic Easter eggs
     1 12" grapevine wreath
     1 3 yd. reel of Easter themed wire ribbon
     1package pink plastic glitter bows (or use the wire ribbon to create your own but buy one more reel)
     glue gun and glue sticks
     ribbon, cord, yarn, string etc. for hanging tie

The ribbon is wrapped around the grapevine wreath snuggly to help the eggs adhere to wreath. I began in the inner circle of the wreath and glued eggs around to fill in. The I started glueing egs to center and outside edges in a pleasing manner. This took a whole 5-10 minutes!! I saved some room for the pink plastic bow to fit at the bottom of the wreath. You could make a "fancy" wire ribbon bow instead if you wanted to. I used a piece of pink satin ribbon and looped it through the wreath on the top and tied a knot which I hid and ta-da I hung it on my door!! Back to quilting!!

There are plenty of Easter ideas on Pinterest and the dollar store provides lots of the materials at an inexpensive price. Have fun and don't burn yourself with the glue gun!!


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