Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Witch? Award

The Witch? Award is a local portrait competition/contest for any local artist to enter. The rules were to have an unframed piece sized 16" x 20." Since I am a quilter to follow the contest rules meant no binding. I added 3-4" beyond the required size to wrap the quilt around the frame. The contest stated that the work had to be based on a photo with a model release. That part was weird to me since I base my ideas on my drawings not photos. I have no grandchildren or anyone I had a decent photo of that I wanted to make a quilt about and the rules said a self portrait would work. The second photo is the photo I based my entry on. It was a quickie iPhone photo last summer when I had blonde in my hair and I was goofing around with my hair that day. I added more "chin/shoulders" and added the awesome pink/orange/lime batik for the background. I didn't add much for embellishments because I thought the art community might not "get" that part and it may look too crafty for artsy. I can always add my bling after the contest!
Creating a self portrait is a strange experience but I just kept looking at value, color and details and made the applique pieces. I struggled with the mouth and also hid my work from my boyfriend Ken because it was kind of embarassing to me. He finally had to look at it when he stappled the quilt to the frame he made for it. He though it looked like me and I have accepted it as another piece of my artwork collection.

The exhibit will be on display at the Crawford Building, Menominee MI from July 12 through August 9, 2013 weekends only and extended hours Aug. 1-4 for the local Waterfront Festival. The general public will vote on the art. There is an opening reception on Friday July 12th and a closing reception on Friday August 9th in which the winner will be chosen. No idea how many local artists create portrait work or how many people will vote so I have to just watch and wait!! The website is www.thewitch?

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  1. Great likeness I am in the middle of doing another one but taking a class with Marilyn Bedford.
    You did a wonderful job.