Thursday, October 31, 2013

Quilting Arts Magazine Becomes an Ebook

This is Quilting Arts Magazine issue June/July 2011in which I wrote an article for the magazine called "Making a Fashion Statement!
 I am very proud of the article and the fact that I actually wrote it since that's not really my thing. I had five of my portrait quilts featured in the magazine and online at their website. This was a great experience and my first encounter with Pokey Bolton. Pokey loves my Tina Turner quilt and she has been instrumental in my quilting career advancement so this magazine is sentimental to me!! The magazine people were all very professional and friendly and it was not notch!!
 I recently received an email from Interweave, the Parent company of Quilting Arts Magazine, Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine and QA TV etc., and they informed me this issue of their magazine would be made into an eBook and I received a complimentary copy. Yeah!!
This is the new cover of the eBook and it is available on their website for all to purchase at This concept is new to me and just when you think something is done and finished it can be redeveloped in a different form. Thanks to all the technology changes!! Check it out!!
P.S. Do you know who Linda Ravencroft who paints fairies and has calendars etc. is? This eBook cover reminds me of Linda's artwork.

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