Friday, February 21, 2014

My patterns are available for sale through my website!!

 This is my Line Drawing Portrait technique that was featured on Quilting Arts TV Season 1300 Episode 1303. The quilt in the second photo was also on the show. I decided to create a pattern for this technique and was also influenced by the Modern Quilt Movement. How can I "fit" portraits into the  modern movement? I saw lots of solid fabrics, chevrons, wavy lines paired with straight lines and I used my line drawing pattern and it took off. This pattern has all four versions in the directions. I have a new idea for a future pattern as well!!

Go to to link into my Store. I am eternally grateful to my web designer, Ann Bridges, of ABM Web Solutions, LLC, Appleton WI for adding my store page. I can quilt but I am not a web designer-sometimes we have to surrender some tasks to people who are professionals instead of trying to figure it out which takes away from the fun part of designing quilts and sewing!!I also added my upcoming teaching schedule to my website. Yeah to Ann!!
This is the gray version!

This is the wavy version!

This is the chevron version

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