Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hanging with AQE (Art Quilt Elements) 2014

Wayne Art Center is in Wayne PA-I have never been there. I received an email from them about fabric postcards donations for their art center. They have an art exhibit (which I had no idea about) every year and they have another exhibit of fabric postcards at the same time as the main exhibit. The postcard exhibit is called "Hanging with AQE." I donated this postcard in the second photo. Apparently they raise money by selling these cards to help the art center.
I had this card hanging out in my studio so I mailed it off for the cause and exposure! Not too much commitment on my part except some paperwork and a trip to the Post Office! I hope someone likes enough to bid on it and it can have a happy new home!!

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  1. I was over at Shell's blog where she featured you and your work!! You are AMAZING!! She and the bunns say HI!!