Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blessings on Easter Weekend

This is my quilt named "Venus Rising: Out of Addiction" which I made late last fall for the 4 women exhibit at my local library. I also knew of a national quilt exhibit which in every other year called Sacred Threads Quilts (2011). The theme of this quilt exhibit is spirituality and has subcategories such as peace, joy, healing etc. I received notice by e-mail yesterday that my piece has been selected to be part of the exhibit which will be this summer in the Washington DC area. The website has all the details. Eventually the quilts will be on their website as well.

Then a few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Marina and Dale at a quilt blog They viewed my quilt blog (YEAH) and loved my Homonym/Mad as a March Hare art quilt and asked permission to use it in their quilt inspiration blog. I said yes and it is on their blog today. They were so kind to pick my quilt and it say such nice words about my quilts etc. So I am very blessed to have these two forms of abundance come my way this weekend. Happy Easter!!

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  1. Congratulations on the Sacred Threads exhibit !!! Your 'Venus Rising' quilt is wonderful. We are so glad we found your blog.