Sunday, May 1, 2011

Northwoods Quilt Show Demos

My local quilt friend, Lisa Thoune, was camera happy on Saturday and took this photo of me doing my fabric postcard demo at the Northwoods Quilt Show this weekend. I did one on Saturday afternoon and one Sunday late morning. I had a nice group of ladies come to the table. I printed 5 copies of my new Intro to Portrait Quilts pattern "Angelina" and thought I'd try to sell them while I was demoing. I sold 1 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday including one to an area quilt shop that seemed interested in me teaching my techniques. Hooray!!! Lisa has a blog I plan to do an story soon about Lisa but if you want a sneak peak check out her blog.

Lisa also took a picture of my new pattern. I named her after a flower because I also love to garden and I thought this was a logical way of naming future patterns and then I began with a "A." So the next pattern will be a "B" name. So if you are interested in a pattern I would love to send you one and even teach a class on it. E-mail me!!! Also a shout out to Glenda Banta from Marinette WI who was my Print Shop instructor!!


  1. Sure wish you lived closer! I've admired your work and would love to take a class. I'm sure everyone enjoyed your demo's and even learned some good tips!

  2. YOU, GO GIRL! and happy early mother's day to you.

  3. i wrote a short intro about your blog in our little newletters for the month of may. my job is to pick a blog for the month and you are it for the month of may. i could not find a email address to send this to you. it is nothing big, but i felt you should know.