Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hoffman Challenge 2011

This is my entry in the 2011 Hoffman Challenge which I will mail tomorrow. The fabric was a large scale floral with a two tone muted green background. The flowers were purple and rose and there was gold metallic embossing. It was definitely a challenge due to the size of the print. I used some in the background piecing, the flowers in the borders,  I cut the small flowers out of the print and made a crown of flowers and the green background fabrics became leaves to go with the flowers. I used a raw edged fused applique technique and machine quilting. I thought there was enough activity so I did not embellish this quilt very much. I added some gold glitter to draw the eye to the flower crown and I used  fishing line and attached a ready made shell necklace which added a three dimensional affect. I used several fabric markers to define details in the face, clothing and hands. I call it "Tahitiana" after the tahitian women which inspired this quilt. This challenge is different from most challenges in that I send the quilt and if they like it, it is part of the traveling tour. And if they don't like it then they sent it home in Sept. My 2010 entry was accepted and I will get that one back in October of 2011. Wish me luck!!

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