Friday, July 29, 2011

I Went to the Dark Side-Traditional Quilting!!

While working on tuesdays at Pine Street Quilts I kept sharing at the large floral print and loved it. I realized I could not use it in my portrait quilts except in a border and that seemed boring. So I used one of my favorite tradional patterns from and is a free download. I have always switched up the design a bit but love the symetrical balanced look of the quilt. I skipped the extra borders and used more of the large floral. I found a fun stripe, which I love to have in my quilts, and the rest of the fabrics are from my stash. I like to buy the dollar store hawaian leis and take them apart and sew them on to quilts-I have some of those in this quilt. I found a large colorful lei at Hobby Lobby and that's where the large hot pink flowers come from. I have three colors/sizes of rhinestones, some flower themed beads, and some purple felt buttons as embellishments. I added a little purple glitter nail polish on the pink flowers for fun. I call the quilt "Fiori de Magenta" which means magenta flowers in Italian. I am fascinated by Italy and things Italian so that how it got the name. The quilt is 48" x 48".The second photo is a detail view of the flowers, glitter and felt buttons. I think I will enter this quilt in the Road to California show in a category I usually I don't enter. Then it's up to the jury people to decide if it's worthy. Back to art quilts!!!

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  1. Nicely done...but welcome back to the BRIGHT side! Only can't beat the traditional blocks/quilting..where would we all be without them! And you can use them in your art quilts!