Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Art Quilts Around the World: Monochromatic Challenge Reveal

Today is reveal day for my online art quilt group Art Quilts Around the World. The current theme is a monochromatic color scheme. I have done many monochromatic color scheme quilts because I enjoy the process because it involves a study of value. I have a lecture that I teach about value and this style of quilt is way too fun!
I have done pink, red, green, blue, brown, purple and yellow monochromatic quilts so by process of elimination I chose orange as my color for this challenge.
I drew an image of a woman with a 1960s hairstyle and makeup. I went into my stash and pulled all my oranges from pastel to a dark orange brown. I love the woven batik background fabric which calms all the energy of the oranges.

I embellished this quilt by digging around in my embellishment stash and found sequins, beads, glitter/glue, a felt flower with a rhinestone, some velvet on the shirt neckline, glitter nail polish on the lips and another rhinestone for a nose "piercing." I found the large sequin dangly trim and hand sewed it to the bottom of the quilt after the binding was sewn on-it reminds me of a go-go dancer's dress.
I titled the quilt "Carrot, Copper, Cantaloupe"
I have not posted in a while because I am trying to figure out how to add a watermark to my posted photographs. I have found a local woman from my art council who is a photographer and is helping me tomorrow. Once I figure that out I will be sharing my new realistic style quilt about steampunk.
I have been busy in other areas of my live besides quilting. I work in a hair salon and had to find another job and that time of finding a new job took away from my quilting!! Then the last few weeks my 16 year old cat Mia has been sick and went to the vet. Mia decided it was time to go to cat heaven and I put her down on Friday Sept, 26. She was a crazy mischievous cat that ate my sewing thread, raffia, curly ribbon, tinsel, artificial Christmas tree needles and basically any string she could get in her mouth. She  had two surgeries and several close calls. After the Christmas tree incident in 2003 I have not had a Christmas tree in my house. So this year I will put up a tree in Mia's memory. She always spent a lot of time in my sewing room and I miss her terribly.
I travel to Houston Texas for the IQF Quilt Show in late October and am beyond excited to teach two 6 hr. portrait quilt classes as well as enjoy myself shopping and viewing the exhibits.