Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fundraiser Quilts

I made this quilt for the Studio Arts Quilt Artists
(SAQA) Benefit  Auction which begins in Sept. 2011. If you got your piece finished and mailed before March 15th then your piece received more publicity on their website and was part of the display at the IQA Quilt Show in Cinncinati OH. SAQA had the requirement of a square piece 10 x 10-12 x 12-I prefer to NOT make square quilts but rules are rules. I used raw edged fused applique and embellished with fabric paint, fabric markers, glitter/glue, nail polish on the lips and hair and a felt flower in the hair. It is called "The Woman With Copper Hair"

I made this quilt for the "Quilting is Art: 2011 Great TV Auction" for Milwaukee Public TV in Milwaukee WI. The participating quilts will be on display at the Greater Milwaukee Realtors Home and Garden Show March 25-April 3, 2011. I used raw edged fused applique' and embellished with fabric paint, rhinestones, glitter/glue on the eyelids and nail polish in the hair and on the lips. It is called "The Woman in the Blue Halter"

And last, this quilted wall hanging is my donation to the Twin Counties Free Clinic's fundraser on March 3, 2011 called "Taste of the Town." This clinic is in my community Menominee MI and the adjacent community, Marinette WI, and helps low income individuals receive medical care. This is a great organization and I have donated to this fundraiser before because it is supported only by donations. I did a strip pieced background and raw edged fused applique over it. I machine quilted it with a varigated thread in green, yellow and orange. It is called "The Layered Flip."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Art to Heart Exhibit at The Art Garage

I went to Green Bay today to view the Art to Heart Exhibit at The Art Garage in Green Bay WI. It was a fundraiser in which 300 people are given a 6 x 6 artists canvas and could create anything they wanted. There was an artists reception earlier in February in which people purchased the pieces and the $$ went to charity. It was quite large in size, very colorful and impressive! Can you find mine??

Here is a close up of my piece. The woman has a heart shaped face and a heart silhouette to her hair. I embellished with gliiter in the hair and rhinestones on the face as well as painted the canvas black. This is my first mixed media piece since I used paper, colored pencils and paint and worked off a canvas and not quilt batting and a sewing machine.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Homonym Quilt Challenge

I have Quilting Arts Magazine on my Facebook page and they posted a quilt contest using words that were homonyms and homographs. So I learned a new word that day in order to see if I wanted to enter the contest!! Homonyms are words that sound the same but have different meanings such as red/read or pray/prey. I enlisted the help of my friend Glenda Banta who is great with words and challenged her to help me find a good choice. She had the best homonym of hair and hare since I'm a hairdresser and do portrait quilts. Instead of hair I used hares for the hair. So I asked myself what is the difference between a rabbit and a hare? A hare has longer ears and bigger feet (kind of like people!) So when I made the applique' for the hare I made the ears/feet larger. I thought of another homonyn of carrot and carat and I made 5 Scupley molding clay carrots and made them into buttons to attach to the quilt. I finished the necklace with orange rhinestones and some shimmer paint on the carrots. I was feeling like this was very Alice in Wonderland like so the woman's make up was influenced by the Mad Hatter's make up. The woman took on a "mad/crazy" look so it came full circle. I added fabric paint, Sharpie pens, glitter nail polish and a few green rhinestones to the background as embellishments. The piece is called "Mad as a March Hare: I Put My 'Hare' Up to Show Off My 5 'Carrot' Necklace!" I had a ton of fun making this quilt since it was out of the ordinary and a bit crazy!!