Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be Positive

 I have a co-worler at Pizazz Salon who loves snowmen and her birthday was Jan. 2nd. I used the Be Attittudes book by Art To Heart and made her a little quilt seen in the second photo.. It was fun to make because I love blues and reds together and I love words on quilts. Sherrie loved the gift!! As I was putting the book away I flipped through it to see what the other messages where that I hadn't used before I found "be positive" and thought how appropriate for Pizazz Salon. I am a believer in Universal Law/the Secret and the salon I work at has had a loss of a few staff and morale is a bit low. I like the size and shape of the lettering in the Art to Heart book and I combined my image from my Angelina pattern to make the quilt in the first photo. I changed the mouth to a smile (she kind of has a Disney character face!), used rainbow colors and thread painted a sun in the upper left corner and hearts on her cheeks. (Rainbows, sunny disposition, have a heart etc.) I used the 'fancy" flower stitch from my Viking Sapphire sewing machine to a few of the borders. Miss Pizazz has highlights and lowlights in her hair and a layered inverted bob and some bronze glitter eyeliner. I hung it in a visable high traffic area in the salon and my co-workers seem to like it and it may be a reminder to change our mood if needed.