Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Free Your Mind" Quilt!

I am trying something new and posting on my blog from my iPad since the cord which attaches my camera to my laptop is being stupid and I am long overdue to post!! I was trying some different techie quilts stuff which I am not so good at and my brain was about to explode!! I was perusing Pinterest and found a quilt block design called The Power of Nine" that was in modern solid fabrics and all star blocks (my fave!) The pattern was available through to download and print. I needed to step away from the computer project and have a "no-brainer" sewing project and this was the one!! I had a few yards of a large scale print with bright colors and brown sunflowers. I pulled yellow, orange, two pinks, turquoise and blue batiks, a green stripe and a fabulous warm tobacco brown batik to make the blocks scrappy style. The way the designer had them was great but I am more into prints than solids. 
I sashed the blocks with the brown batik and added a 6" border. I machine quilted the whole quilt in dark brown thread. No embellishments.  I will title it "Sunflowers and Soil" which is nice to think of gardening season in January and February. I was going to take a photo of the quilt outside on my clothes line but the weather in Upper Michigan has been very cold so I was a wimp and waited until yesterday when it warmed up to a balmy mid 20+ degree day! Then my camera/computer wouldn't jive! 
The other photo is the fun large floral fabric for the back from Joann's!! I never show the back of my quilts but this fabric was so pretty!
I still haven't returned to the computer work but worked on my 2015 Hoffman Challenge quilt. That quilt is finished also but I'm not sharing it until July 2015! Go to to see a preview.