Monday, November 9, 2009

Sally Zimmer at Northwoods Quilters

Sally Zimmer on the Cedar River MI area was our guest speaker this morning for my local quilt group The Northwoods Quilters. We are from the Marinette WI/Meniminee MI area and we meet the 2nd Monday of each month. Sally had a ton of show and share. She seems to prefer batiks and has a love of nature quilts. She lives on the water in the woods and has a lot of quilts with bears, fish and birds. She had a large collection of quilted jackets and gave excellent advice on sewing jackets so they fit nice on the body and some construction tips. She was very inspriational. It is nice to have such talent right in our area. Thank you Sally!!

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  1. Maybe you can share some of those fitting tips when we get together next weekend. See you soon!