Monday, November 23, 2009

Bjorklunden Quilt Retreat

I had the pleasure of attending my first quilt retreat. It was in Door County WI at Bjorklunden which is owned by Lawrence University. Lawrence is located in Appleton WI where I used to live. When I lived there I was a member of the Appleton quilt guild and a frequent shopper at the quilt shops and met many local women who quilted. Through Facebook, I reconnected with Jacqi who organized this retreat, and she invited me to join the fun. The photos are of the lounge/dining area; the large sewing area with plenty of room and irons/ironing boards at our disposal and the photo on the right is of the pretty sunrise on Sunday morning. We were on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. We could sew are hearts out with no responsibliities to tend to. The food was prepared for us-we just had to walk to the dining room. I visited with ladies I hadn't seen in years and met some new quilters. Lots of beautiful fabrics, new patterns and ideas to wrap my brain around. It was an adjustment to get home and not be a little selfish with my time because I could sew whenever I felt like it!! But there's no place like home and I missed Ken and the cats and my personal space.

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  1. Nice pictures Laurie. Hope you had a good time and hope you come back again.