Monday, August 24, 2009

How I begin a new quilt
It is time to start a new project. I found the photo on the upper left in a salon hair magazine. Igrided the design then enlarged it. Then I draw the design on the enlarged grid. The middle photo is the enlarged drawing which becomes my future pattern pieces. I flip the paper over and draw the images in reverse. These reverse images are then drawn on fused webbing. I felt like working in purples and blue greans. I love scrappy quilts and I pull from my stash those colors in all values, lots of batiks and small and medium scale prints. Then I chose which ones I want where. I chose greens for the background; light purples for the face and dark purple for the hair. The photo on the right is most of the pattern pieces cut out, layered and fused to the background. I added two borders with one to go. I've learned the small fused pieces fall off if I put them on now, like the nostrils and eyelashes, so they will be fused at the last moment before I sandwich the batting and backing to the quilt. So far so good. I look for balance of the two color families, value of each color, scale of the fabric prints, placement of the figure in the background and size of the borders. time to sew on the final border.


  1. I stubbled on your blog and am going to be so interested in watching you add more posts. You work is amazing. I have a question. It looks like you fuse, but not stitch pieces. Very cool work!

  2. I Carol, Thanks for stumbling on my blog. Sorry I didn't write you sooner. I raw edge fuse the applique and stitch everything down. With my newest piece I prestitched the applique down b4 I sandwiched the batting etc because some of the tiny fused pieces were falling off as I manuvered the quilt to machine quilt it. I also learned to not fuse the little pieces on until the very last moment for the same reason. Take are, Laurie