Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can one quilt w/o being a packrat????

I'm hooked a new T.V. show on A & E called "Hoarders". It shows people with hoarders disorder. They have so much stuff they are ofter court ordered to remove their "stuff" or they will be evicted or their children will be removed from the home. It gets me thinking about my quilting. There is a standard joke among quilters that the one with the most fabrics wins!! Also if you are a quilter who embellishs your quilts, don't you need a supply of frou frou and bling?? And I have to have the varigated thread in every color!! I am fairly tidy because I have a small area in my studio and my significant other is a minimalist. So after watching "Hoarders" week after week, I decided to go through my fabric totes and downsize my stash. We all make fabric purchases that later we shake our heads at. I intend to donate this fabric to my local quilt guild The Northwoods Quilters. There is a group of ambitious women who make many quilts for charity and they can use the fabric. I figured my leftovers would be better served than at a thrift store. It was a good feng shui moment!

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  1. Good for you Laurie,
    I watch that show and figure I must be ok since my house doesn't look that bad. But it does make me wonder sometimes, since I sometimes question why I buy some things once I get them home.