Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hoffman Challenge Quilt

I decided to do the Hoffman Challenge for 2010. The challenge fabric is the turquoise fabric which I saw as kimono fabric. I wanted to have an image of a geisha girl but didn't really know much about the subject. My daughter suggested I rewatch the 2005 movie "Memoirs of a Geisha" and I did some research at the local public library. I used the challenge fabric in the kimono, the tiny inner border and I made some two-sided flowers for the hair accessory. I used a raw edge fused applique technique for most of the images. I thread painted the little yellow daingly flowers and glitter covered an actual hair comb from the drugstore to get the look of the geisha adornments. I was fortunate to receive the black with blue asian village print from one of the ladies in Eagle River when I was there in May teaching. It was a great choice for the background!! I mail the piece and by Sept. I find out if it made the cut. If it does, the quilt will travel to various quilt shows until the fall of 2011.


  1. Best of luck Laurie! It's a beautiful piece and I'm sure Hoffman 'folks' will love it!!

  2. Wow! That is a great one, congratulations on a beautiful piece. I think its a winner. Good work Laurie!