Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Pets Photo Contest

I have signed up on Facebook to be a fan of the business called Art Chix Studio. I find their embellishments are fun and intriguing. They posted a "cute holiday pet contest" and I entered Mickey, age 13, who in not dainty, but thought he could fit between the buildings in my Christmas village and Mia, age 12, who used to climb the Christmas tree and act all cocky. At age 5 she started eating raffia, thread in my sewing room, tinsel etc and had emergency surgery in Sept. '03. At Christmas time that year I discovered she was munching on the artificial Christmas tree needles and had another surgery. The vet told me Mia had PICA which is a disorder when people/animals eat non-edible things. So no more Christmas tree-real or fake. Some people say to get rid of the cat but she's such a fun little character I will give up the Christmas tree. I still decorate with table and wall items, lots of lights and lots of quilts. The website for this contest is located at

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