Monday, May 23, 2011

My Quilts are in Quilting Arts Magazine!!

This is the best snail mail I could have received-three complimentary copies of the June/July 2011 Quilting Arts Magazine is which my article on my portrait quilts is in!!!!. I saw a Call to Entry on the Facebook page for Quilting Arts Magazine in January when they were looking for people who do portrait quilts. I filled out the necessay info and emailed it and about a month later the Editor-in-Chief, Pokey Bolton, had left a message on my home phone asking me to call her. Holy crap, I was on the phone in no time. I had a 2 week deadline to write the article and mail 5 of my quilts to their facilities in MA. Pokey specifically asked for my Tina Turner quilt and then went to my website and picked the other 4. I wrote a bio which is in the beginning of the magazine and I am first because my last name is first alphabetically!! Then "Tina" is on the Table of Contents page and my article is on page 42. They did a beautiful job of photography and used 4 out of the 5 quilts in the article. I have to say I assumed they would write the article but I understand now that I needed to write my process to creating my art and only I can do that. This was a good example of stepping outside of my comfort zone and I now feel more confident as a writer. This was interesting though to take what is in my head and put it in instruction form and hope others will understand. The whole process happened very fast and the magazine's assisant editor, Ellen, was wonderful to word with. This put a fire under my tush to add my workshops/lecture page and info to my website.  I am offering 5 workshops, both half and full day, and 2 lectures. Check it out at A shout out to David Walker my web designer for the awesome work. He unfortuneately is not taking any new clients because he is slowing down his work schedule but check out all the great work he does-he is a quilter, web designer, photographer and former teacher.
I do not think the June/July 2011 issue of QA Magazine is out yet beauase I have not received my subscription issue in the mail but I had to share my news!!

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  1. Congrats! Well deserved! Can't wait to read the article!!!