Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lady Liberty

This quilt called "Lady Liberty" is in the same style as my mermaid quilt in which I am able to have lots of background fabrics with a figure over the top. I like the image of the Statue of Liberty and I love red, white and blue fabrics and I didn't really have a 4th Of July quilt for my wall so it HAD to be made!! Most fabrics were from my stash with a few newbies. I was inspired by my local church's weekly bulletin from last 4th of July. But I changed the hat, the face, the clothes and added the stars and tablet. I used 30 different fabrics and places them with the light colors in the middle so when I placed the applique over the pieced background the image would be visible. I used patriotic  colors of Sulky thread to quilt the piece and sewed red, white and blue buttons in 3 sizes around the quilt. I added a bit of blue glitter to the edges of the gown and to the "I" because I didn't think it stood out enough. I may add a few rhinestones for the fun factor!! This quilt is for my wall and I don't think it's "juried" show material just a fun little project!!

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