Saturday, July 16, 2011

Part Two: THe Gardens

As requested these are a few photos of my garden. The lighting may not be the greatest but the sun is out and it looks like a nice second day of the garden tour. The turn out was great for a Friday evening. This is my garden shed Ken made in 2009 from recycled materials. A pink theme prevails!!
This is behind the garage. A porcelain vine on a handmade twig trellis, bee balm, lilies, coneflowers, false sunflowers, russian sage, zinias and plenty more. There are blue birds nexting in the red birdhouse.This is the east side of my house. The twig chair Ken made from dead cedars, there are old wash tubs, a magnolia and all kinds of perennials and annuals. In the background is a flowering crab tree and a trumpet vine that formed an archway to the backyard.
This is my fairy garden using an old Weber grill, a few small rocks, a fairy and a gnome. Ken hand painted stones and Super Glued them to hardward screws for mushrooms. Crazy guy!!


  1. Well, Ken is a keeper isn't he!! Love your garden shed! It looks just like you, Laurie!!! Thanks so much for're a little tooooo far for me to drive to see!!

  2. I love you shed and the Weber grill idea!