Thursday, August 16, 2012


This is my latest quilt which was inspired by the black and white fabric challenge from my local quilt group, the outside border fabric named Fabric Doodle, Pinterest images and the drawing technique Zentangles. I fell in love with the fabric because I love flowers and circles but also noticed the black and white striped circle which went with the black/white fabric swap. I am intrigued with the drawing technique Zentangles, and have a few books on the subject, so I drew up a Zentangle style drawing and the idea was born. I fussy cut some flower images and made my own repeating the flower shapes from the border fabric. This fabric is from Andover Fabrics and is called Fabric Doodle. I am not fond of the entire line of fabrics but love this particular fabric. I added only one other color, the green eyes, to the quilt. I combined as many prints from the swap and added some of my own to have enough contrast to be pleasing to the eye. There was plenty of positive and negative space in this quilt. I used an awesome large scale white fabric with simple large black flowers as the face fabric. I quilted the face fabric with one flower defined on the left cheekbone. I quilted around the circle flowers in the borders and added black buttons in the border to add texture as well as secure the fabric because I didn't want to quilt a lot in the borders. I thought the quilt didn't need much embellishing because it was very visually graphic on its own. I added a bit of green paint on the irises of the eyes and some black glitter for the subtle tongue in the mouth. I combined Zen from Zentangles and Doodle from the fabric line to get Zendoodle for this quilt's name.
The second photo is a close up of the face and the flower detail. I love polka dots and stripes and made sure I included them in this quilt! I liked the checkerboard and zebra fabrics as well. The quilt is 39"w x 45"l and I used a 8" border to show enough of the border fabric. I will enter this quilt is upcoming quilt shows.


  1. Very nice quilt! I find it fascinating. A wonderful quilt to exhibit at quilt shows. Should be a winner!

  2. Very nice, I think your technique is very unique and interesting. It brings another dimension to quilt making. Another reason to keep quilting.