Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Check Out The New Book-My Quilt Is On Page 107!!

As a member of Studio Art Quilting Association different opportunities are presented to us at all times. The woman who heads this organization, Martha Sielman, works with Lark Books and creates art books with themes. She chose "people and portraits" after doing books on landscapes etc. and she personally sent me an email to apply. I was flattered and entered 3 quilts (the maximum) and waited a very long time to recive any news about the book. Late fall I received notice that my Tina Turner quilt would be in the book and I was thrilled. It is due for release in April and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.
My quilt is on page 107 which is nice since 7 is my lucky number!! The photography is beautiful and the quality of the book is very nice. Hopefully you will check it out and/or purchase it.

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