Friday, January 3, 2014

Northwoods Quilters Crayon Challenge Exhibit

My local quilt guild, the Northwoods Quilters, had their first crayon challenge this year. We randomly selected a crayon then was challenged to create a quilt, tote, apron, pillow etc. no larger than 25" x 25" and we had three months to make it. We had no rule except to use the crayon color in our project. There were no judges-just the fun of making something using the crayon color.This photo is my cerulean blue crayon quilt. Blue is used in the iris color, the vintage jewelry and in the background batik.
I chose another crayon because it was fun and I had the time and I got gray as my crayon color. This quilt is the same quilt I am doing a demo on for Quilting Arts TV and I have worked in gray before so this wasn't much of a challenge but I used black, red and hot pink for my applique colors instead on red, yellow and blue or hot pink, lime green and turquoise.

The exhibit is in Menominee, MI at Spies Public Library Gallery, 940 1st Street during normal library hours and the exhibit is FREE.

 We had 33 entries and I did the installation of the exhibit and is ready for viewing today and goes until Friday February 14, 2014.
I categorized the items by a gradation of color around the gallery.

 I loved how we had such a variety of items, styles and techniques. Our guild is very talented and all styles of quilting is represented in our group.