Monday, June 30, 2014

Double Duty: 2014 Hoffman Challenge and The Witch? Award on Facebook

 This is my entry for the 2014 Hoffman Challenge. The fabric is the big floral fabric which I fussy cut and made a hat/headpiece out of as well as the floral fabric applique pieces in the upper left corner and the lower right corner. I was having lunch with my daughter Jordana, who is biracial, last winter, and she was telling me about the stupid things people in Green Bay, WI, where she lives, say to her regarding race. They seem to not be able to "figure" her out, they assume she is a Green Bay Packer wife/girl friend or say stupid things that ignorantly racist. I got upset by this and channeled my energy into this quilt. I tried to match Jordana's skin tone and make a quilt loosely based on her coloring and use the Hoffman /challenge fabric. I call it "Hybrid" not based on the combination of flowers, which is a term used in floral/botany studies, but the combination of races and skin tones. I was very upset and this was a great way to get my anger out!!
I embellished it with a few sequins/beads in the background, rhinestones in the floral areas and a flower bead for an earring.

Part Two: There is a local portrait contest on Facebook called The Witch? Award. I want to win the contest and would appreciate your vote if you are on Facebook. If you go to and click LIKE on the photo of my quilt that locks in your vote. If you like another piece it cancels my vote-just saying...The voting goes until mid August I think. Thanks for voting!!
This is a close up photo of the face-I added a bit of actual blush to the cheekbones to make it look more realistic. The Hoffman Challenge will notify all entrants in August if their piece made the cut, and if so, the pieces will travel across the country to various quilt venues.


  1. "She" is beautiful, Laurie! And so is your quilt! :) Our children are tougher than us because we want to protect them...your daughter's strength comes from you....she'll be fine and those who are ignorant are the ones who miss out on so much!!!

  2. I was glad to come across this, because I didn't know about the personal connection with the quilt. I am horrified but not surprised at the ignorant comments your daughter has to deal with in GB. Could I link to this on my Fb page? I'm viewing this on my tablet and can't tell exactly what it is.

    1. Hi editrix! Go to to read this story. Thanks for the interest!! Laurie :)

  3. Hi Laurie,
    I work at Hoffman California Fabrics and I wanted to ask you about using a picture of your 2014 Hoffman Challenge quilt in an upcoming magazine article about the Challenge. I was not able to find your email attached to your blog, but please email for more information. Your quilt is lovely and you have a passionate back story, I hope we will be able to use it. Thank you!
    Cathy Soukup
    Art & Marketing Assistant
    Hoffman California Fabrics