Monday, December 29, 2014

I'm a Cheesehead Baby!!!

I love the Green Bay Packers and so does my daughter Jordana who lives in Green Bay and my hairdresser friend Sherrie. I designed these wall hangings and constructed them while I was on my quilt retreat the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I gave the wall hangings to Jordana and Sherrie as Christmas gifts.
I wanted a cheese head on the female motif's head and had to Google it to get an accurate image of it. I used one fabric and fabric paint and markers to get the highlights and lowlights of the cheese holes.

I had the green and gold fabrics from the 2013 Wisconsin Shop Hop from Andover Fabrics and thought it would have the Packer colors without the obvious Packer fabrics.  I chose the jersey number of Aaron Rogers because he is the quarterback. I designed two different hairstyles but everything else is the same.

I am considering a quilt pattern that would be interchangeable for all the NFL football teams. I understand the cheese head is only for the Packers so I have to figure out what women football fans would wear on their heads especially in the warm climates. I went to to their pro shop and have a few ideas such as knit hats or a headband.

I did a raw edged fused applique technique and embellished with fabric paint, glitter, nail polish and rhinestones.

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