Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tina Turner (The Quilt) Back From Her Tour!!

My Tina quilt was ""on tour" with Quilting Arts Magazine at the IQA Chicago Quilt show in April, the IQA Long Beach Quilt show in July and the Biggie IQA Houston Quilt Show in October and is back home in my studio!! I sure missed her!! I have a request for all of you in blog and Facebookland-I wish for Tina Turner to see the quilt I did of her. I am wondering if anyone knows how to do that? I tried on her official website with a downloaded photo and got nowhere. It would be so awesome to have a connection of some sort!! Thanks for any help!!

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  1. http://www.tinaturnerfanclub.eu/contact.html
    That is the website for her fan club. Maybe you could contact the fan club president and let them know. It's a beautiful likeness so I am sure she would love to see it. (I bet she will want it!)

    I saw your quilt at the city hall- I LOVE the fabric in the outer border and some other parts. I kept looking at it because it looks like two fabrics, but it must be one. The quilt was a lot more modern/trendy than I thought from the picture. Love it!!