Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crazy Challenge!!

I am on the board of my local quilt group, the Northwoods Quilters, and Dorothy J. showed this unfinished quilt top she received from an anonymous quilter. She was at a loss as to "complete" the top. I said I had a vision and Dorothy said "go for it!!" I know nothing of the quilter and their background. I mean no disrespect to this individual but the seams were large and bulky, it was misshaped and there was a large solid white square in the center of the quilt. The eye was drawn to this white square for no reason but it dominated the quilt top in the wrong way. I decided to fussy cut large flowers from printed fabric-mostly Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I raw edged fused appliqued the flowers totally covering the strange white blob. I pulled out the oranges, blues, purples and yellows from the fun print the artist used in the pieced top. I selected medium to smaller flowers sporatically over the top. The quilt top needed to be squared up and the seams trimmed to 1/4". I will outline stitch the flowers in place and show it to Dorothy at our January board meeting on Jan. 4th. I would like to finish this quilt because I see tons of fun quilting and embellishing overload!! In the end, the quilt I received became just the background for some fun applique! I understand as quilters we were all beginners and I can't judge this person's technical skills. She has a good sense of color coordination and I love the bright psychadelic acid-trip print!!


  1. Laurie, looks good..reminds me of the 70's! I'm sure both the original quilter and your friend will enjoy what you did with it. Good job!

  2. i would have been at a lost as to what to do with that. great job.o