Sunday, January 24, 2010

Caca Yucko!! :(

I completed the face on my latest wall hanging. It had a zillion pieces and it was fun and rewarding. I chose oranges with gold highlights, for the hair, and after fusing the gold tresses and walked past it for 24ish hours I don't like it. The color theory law of use yellow sparingly is screaming at me with "you should know better!!. Not to mention it's too similar to the lime greens in the other side of the face. I will be removing the golds and putting more reds and magentas in its place. For starters those are my all-time favorite colors on the color wheel and I have used them minimally in this project so far. What is to be learned from this situation? Yellow/gold in small quantities and allowing the process of creativity not be rushed. View the work in process and love what is going on before moving to the next step. I still like yellow but it wasn't affective in this quilt. I haven't displayed much of the quilt because it's a secret until it is finished. If there are any opinions on my color choices I would love the imput. Peace out.

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