Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Traditional Diversion

Sometimes I need to have a creative timeout and do traditional piecing and applique. I signed up for the Sock Monkey Block-of-the-Month at Quilters Haven in Menominee MI where I live. It's been fun and I've giggled at the goofy things the monkeys are doing. It began in May '09 and I have three more blocks to do. The monkeys have small black snaps for eyes and there is some embroidery needed to complete the blocks that I haven't done yet.I was not fond of the sashing the pattern designer used to complete her quilt. Check it out at www.seweasytriangles.com. My block kits came with a light yellow for sashing and I'm at war with yellow so I can't do that. Maybe the cute polka dot in the monkey sock's fabric line in blue or red. I had a thought that art quilters can flipflop back into traditional quilting/piecing/applique but can traditional quilters pop into contemporary quilting as easily?

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